Beats Working

Booking Information

Here you will find everything there is to know about and consider if you plan to book the band to play at your wedding or event. Please read this section carefully, so that you know what to expect, and your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Before the event...
Why book Beats Working ?

We are reliable, we are competent and confident in what we do, in a way that only comes from having done it hundreds of times before. We are helpful, flexible, adaptive and approachable, and we know what is important for your event and for your guests to have a great time. We put a lot of thought into our set lists and running order, and can learn songs at your request. We are organised and efficient. The sound equipment we use is extremely high quality, and we pay great attention to the quality of our live sound.

Above all though, each and every one of us is an expressive, passionate and talented musician and together, we sound great and fill dance floors.

How do I book Beats Working ?

Simply use the contact / booking form on our contact page to enquire about our availablilty for your chosen date. Please give us as much information as possible about the type of event and venue.

What does the band cost to hire ?

We are competitively priced and offer a number of options to suit most events, budgets and situations. Please speak to our bookings manager, Tim Benson, who will be pleased to discuss your planned event and offer a quote based on your individual circumstances. A typical charge for an evening event is in the range of 950-1400.

How does payment work ?

We ask for a deposit of 150 at the time of booking, and the remainder of the agreed fee in cash or cleared funds on the night of the event.

Is there a contract between us and the band?

We do provide a contract that we ask to be signed and returned with the deposit payment. Once we have received it, your booking is confirmed.

Are you insured ?

Beats Working carry full public liability insurance for all gigs. All our equipment is regularly PAT tested, and we can provide log books to certify this.

Do you do any public gigs / Can we come and see you play ?

As you will appreciate, most of the time we only play at private functions but occasionally we do organise public gigs, and play at local festivals. Please speak to Tim, our bookings manager, who will be able to advise about the next public engagement.

Can you send me a demo CD ?

All our recorded songs and performances are available for playback, and downloading on our Audio Page. To save wasteful media, we recommend that you download our songs to a memory stick if you require them in a portable format. We are, however, happy to send CD's for clients without web or PC access. Please make your request to Tim Benson, our bookings manager, on 07939 271545.

What do the band provide ?

Beats Working arrives complete with everything they need to perform for you, apart from staging and electricity. The band provides a high quality PA system, and state-of-the-art lighting system. The band use the latest in LED / sound-animated light units. A smoke machine is available for venues that allow one. The band also provides music playback facilities through the PA, using a laptop-based playlist.

Do you provide a DJ or music playback service ?

To cover breaks between playing, you may require some pre-recorded music. We can provide this as part of our standard package and the songs that playback can be of our own wide selection, or provided by you. We can accept interval music on CD, memory stick, or MP3 player, or you can just lend us your pre-stocked i-pod on the night, which we can plug into our PA. We can use any device that outputs using stereo minijack, RCA (phono) plugs, or standard 1/4" jacks.

If you require the specialist services of an actual DJ to cover breaks in live music, please ask us, and we will be happy to quote for, and arrange for a DJ to arrive with us. Alternatively, you are welcome to book your own DJ services independently of the band.

What do the band need supplied for them ?

Staging / Dancefloor

Ideally, Beats Working prefer a stage area of 6m (width) x 4m (depth) but not smaller than 4m (width) x 3m (depth). Where space is an issue, consider booking the 4-piece band, which takes up slightly less room. Raised staging is always preferable but not essential. We recommend that you reserve a suitable area directly in front of the stage as a dance floor and if the event is in a marquee or other outdoor location, that you organize a suitable dance floor surface.

Electricity Supply

The band require a minimum of 2 x 13 amp 240 Volt standard sockets, providing clean, smooth, spike-free power. At indoor venues this is rarely a problem. If you are using a generator, you MUST check the specifications with our Bookings manager prior to the event.

Food and Drink

Most appearances will require the band to spend a large part of the evening at your event. For this reason, it is in our contracts that the event organisers will provide food and drink for the band whilst they are at the venue. Please let your caterers and the venue know that this is the case. A typical contract asks you to provide one hot meal and several drinks per band member.

Changing Room

The band ideally need a room or area in which to get ready, and change into their stage gear. Ideally, this will be a private space with access to the normal facilities...

What if there is an emergency, and you or the band need to cancel?

If a band member is ill, or becomes unavoidably detained, we will replace them with another musician. All our deputising musicians are of a similar standard to main band members, so this is never an inferior option.

In the event that you need to cancel a booking, please advise the bookings manager, Tim Benson on 07939 271545 as early as possible. There may be a cancellation fee if the band are cancelled by a client with little notice.

On the Day...
How long do you play for ?

Our standard playing time is over 2 hours, and comprises 3 sets of around 40 minutes each. However we are able to vary the length and / or number of sets if you require it. Please talk to us before the planned performance date to confirm your requirements.

Can we choose your set list ?

Please let us know if there are particular songs from our repertoire you would like included in the set we play for you. In general, however, the band prefer to choose the set list and running order themselves, where they will take into account the type of event, the age and preferences of your guests, and their own expertise in knowing what works and choosing a winning playing order.

Do the band perform requests ?

On the night of your event, the band will usually be working from a pre-prepared set list, so requests for specific songs don't usually work, unless we know them already. However, we are happy to learn a first dance for your wedding.

How much time do you need to set up / break down ?

Beats Working need a minimum of 45 mins to set up and sound check. This time ensures that your sound is of highest quality. Please speak to us about early set-ups for weddings, and events where a meal or other activities are occurring in the same room in which the band will be playing.

The band can breakdown and remove its equipmment from the venue in as little as half an hour.

What if the venue has a volume limiter ?

Whilst it is recommended that you choose a venue that does not have a limiter, levels can be adjusted, and the band will try their best to work within the restriction if there is no choice.

General Questions
Where is the band based ?

Beats Working is based in Grayshott, just South of Guildford, Surrey, UK.

How far will you travel ?

We will consider travelling any distance to play an event. We charge a small amount extra to cover travel expenses if the event is a long way from our home base.

Do you have any merchandise available ?

Sometimes we find that guests at an event would like a memento of the music on the night. We currently sell Beats Working T-shirts, available in M, L, and XL sizes at 10 each. These are available exclusively from Beats Working at your event.